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How can everyone guarantee that you will be listed in the top five on Google?

Search Engine Optimization is the method and process of analyzing the website from the search engine’s perspective and optimizing the website structure, content, page layout, Meta tags, internal and external linking structure to enhance the chance of being ranked in the top results of search engine listings for the targeted keywords.

Up to 80% of the clicks on search engines are clicks on the natural (organic) search engine listings. That means 80% of the clicks on the search engines are not on paid advertising links located on the page! To get listed in the first page of natural search listings means a lot in driving traffic to your site. Search Engine Placement is a very competitive discipline which is increased by the saturation of the businesses market. The more popular the business, the more competitive the search engine placement effort will be.

Successful Search Engine Optimization happens only with careful planning, timely execution, persistent monitoring, and ongoing improvement of the results you achieve. This is not rocket science, but it is a defined methodology which takes careful consideration and deliberate execution.

Kennon believes in ethical search engine optimization process and we follow the very best natural search engine optimization practices and focuses on driving quality traffic to your website. The goal of our website analysis is to help companies or organizations achieve their objectives with the changing trends in the field of search engine optimization.


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