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Here is our 6 step program
to saving money & managing costs:

Make the decision to stop procrastinating on your cost-reduction plans.

Kennon Worldwide is typically able to reduce telecom expenses by 10-15% of an annual telecom budget on voice and data services that are audited.


Collect one month of recent telecom & internet bills, and all service contracts.

This information will allow us to:
• Remove crams/slams, stop fraud, and curtail abuse through a line-by-line bill review.
• Evaluate pertinent tariffs to verify pricing.
• Identify most cost-effective local service classes or wireless plans.
• Ensure contract rate compliance, and conduct new negotiations if required.
• Correct over billings and file claims for credits, tax exemptions, and usage re-rates.
• Verify the accuracy and receipt of all credits and refunds.



Provide contact information for key personnel at each of your locations.

• Verify that services and features being billed are actually being used.
• Gather user information to compile a company profile, which helps determine inefficient uses of services and more cost-effective practices.
• Create a complete inventory in an electronic database that identifies all line numbers and their uses on each account.


Provide multiple quotes from different carriers.

Our recommendations will save you money, but it is your decision to accept any recommendations we make. Cost-saving measures and recommendations our consultants make will provide you with:
• A baseline for optimal telecom service price and efficiencies
• The complete “big pictue” of all your services so you can eliminate unnecessary items.
• Opportunities to identify the need for changes .
• Justification for the development of new company policies regarding voice/data services.
• Accurate listing of phone numbers to “add to” or “delete from” a service provider’s database.


Implement the new services and/or work with current provider on found issues.

Spending hours and hours on hold with telecom carriers is the last thing you want your employees doing.
• Save enormous time and trouble on the telephone with service representatives.
• Be at ease knowing that all orders will be completed correctly, with appropriate documentation.
• Know that the billing records will be verified to ensure that changes made are invoiced correctly on future bills.


Continued bill management.

Typically, our clients see a 10-15% drop in telecom expenses over the 12 months following the audit. In many cases, we are able to reduce clients’ telecom savings much more.


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