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Are your bills too high or do you need to $ave money?

Ever wonder what all those additional charges and taxes are? The answer is probably yes. Some experts claim that there is an extremely high error rate in telecommunications billing. This means for every ten invoices you receive, there could be an error on 8 of them. Kennon Worldwide will breakdown each of your voice and data bills, identifying each and every charge and validate them.

Over 80% of the time Kennon is able to find billing errors, reduce your current rates or identify others costs or services that can be reduced or eliminated. We also help you understand your current service contracts; this could help you avoid falling into Evergreen clauses or contract shortfalls.

We feel it is very important to have your services analyzed annually with all the changes in communications and technology. Chances are your services and rates are outdated and you have been paying hidden fees on your bills that maybe to late to get refunded or paying for lines and services that you are no longer using. Below we have listed a few reason and benefits for your Free Service check-up.


Contract Failure
Billing Consolidation
Forensic Auditing


Rate Reductions
Service Migration
Refund Recovery



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